Pool Leak Detection

Pool Leak Detection

Pool Leak Detection Service

Pool leak detection is like finding a needle in a hay stack. You may have built your swimming pool with advanced technologies but corrosion is unavoidable. You do not know whether the water in the swimming pool is evaporating or leaking. Refilling the water in your swimming pool everyday due to leakage is not an easy task and you will lose the chemical balance in the water. It is not simple to find out the leakage of pool without the specialist in pool leakage detection. Big leaks are obvious to determine but the smaller leaks are the challenging ones as the water dropping will be very slow and you may be confused in detecting whether the your swimming is leaking or not. The chemical level in the pools become unbalanced due to the water loss and more algal growth are found due to the entry of new untreated water in the swimming pools. “Aqua king pools” are here to help to detect your swimming pool leakage at earliest and solve your problems.

Some reason for the swimming leak:

• Cracks in the pool

• Equipments losing their prime

• Swimming pools having air in the system

• When soggy spots are seen around the pool

• Pool deck is lifting or sinking

• Evaporation is more in pools than regular level

• Adding more water than once a week to the swimming pools

“Aqua king pools” uses various methods in determining the pool leak detection by our trained experts. We use Bucket test and meter test as the two major techniques for pool leak detection. Our professional pool leak detection method includes certain steps in which preparing the swimming pool is most important aspects. Water in the pools must be dust free because the small leakage below one inches in diameter size cannot be detected by the craftsmen’s as the dirt will the covering the leak. We use vacuum or brushed way to clean the dust in the swimming pool neatly before pool leak detection. Certain pool waters will be green in color due to algal content, fungus, molds or larvae formation and these makes even more difficult in pool leak detection. In some swimming pools the leak may be in the underground pipes which are buried hundred feet below which is not an easy to detect the leakage. Our experts help you in finding such type of leaks. We use sonar equipment in find the pool leaking area. Our professionals detect the pool leakage without damaging your swimming pool.



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