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Broward County Pool Repair

Swimming Pool Repair

Swimming pools are the additional enjoyment in your home where your family and friends can enjoy, relax, have fun and cool yourself in the hot weather. When years pass your enjoyable pool may damage or worn out due to continuous usage hence it mandatory to repair the swimming pool to bring back the fun filled environment.

If you have any repair in your swimming pool then immediately call “Aqua king pools”. Our Broward County pool repair includes a variety of services of what all your pool needs and we are greatly appreciated in the market for offering excellent service to our clients. Aqua king pools are available with all equipments and highly experienced technician to repair your swimming pool. We are instrumental and highly advanced in repairing the swimming pool to our customers with a great competitive cost package.  Additional repairing is also provided by us apart from the repair package to enhance interiors as well as exteriors of the swimming pool in a more proficient manner. While pool repairing, we fix pool cleaning equipment in addition to retain the hygiene of the swimming pool water. Commonly repaired parts in the swimming pool are heaters, filters and pumps. Pool leakage is also one of the major problems in pool repair as it is difficult to find out the small leakage in the pools. Our trained will inspect the swimming pool thoroughly and rectify all your worries about the damaged pool.

Electrical Equipment Repair

Electrical gadgets has their own life span and they must be changed at a proper period of time else they easily get damaged and repair the whole swimming pool process. Aqua king pools will detect the fault earlier and repair the system by providing with necessary replacing equipment that is needed to run your swimming pool again. Another advantage in hiring our company for pool repair and pool cleaning is that you can have us as you need.  We contact our clients in person and notice all their problems regarding the swimming pool and then we give our best pool repair service to the customer satisfaction. We provide warranty for the fully replaced equipment like swimming pool motors, and others items such as surface light, resurfacing, coping and tiles. We offer the pool service for both residential and commercial swimming pools. Enjoy the pool repair to the fullest with our company service.

We can handle all types of repair!

• Repairing or replacing the pool tiles

• Repairing or changing the underwater light of the pool

• Repairing the water recirculation system in the pool

• Repairing pool sand filters

• Replacing pool and spa heaters

• Repairing salt chlorination systems

• Repairing pumps and motors

• Replacing the sand media filter

Equipped repaired and installed by us:

• Auto cover cleaning

• Winter cover storage

• Cartridge cleaning

• Polaris tune-up

• Furniture set in the lawn

• VGB compliant pool safety check

• Tune-up and cleaning heater

• Winter safety cover repair

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