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Pool Resurfacing Broward County

Swimming pools are the huge investment project at your home backyard. Even though the swimming pools are built-up with advanced technology, the concrete shell can last lifelong but the inner surface which is covering the concrete must be changed or replaced after 15 to 20 years. Even a well built swimming pool looks unpleasant because of the damage in the chips, cracks and discoloration. One of the main reasons for pool resurfacing is due to leakage. Finishing of the pool gets pitted and damaged due to chemical wear and tear.

Why Choose Aqua King Pool Resurfacing?

Aqua King Pool Services will be your best choice for Broward County pool resurfacing. We provide a best pool resurfacing technology of international standard with fiberglass technology. We are licensed and fully insured pool service. Our pool resurfacing will solve the typical pool problems like fixing leaks, rust, cracks, osmosis and damaged pool surface. It is not a matter that how worst your swimming pool surface is worn out, we will transform your old damaged pool to a modernized one by our pool resurfacing. Our pool remodeling take in reconstruction of the swimming pool which includes changing the tiles, coping, decking, selecting the surface design of your choice and the pool resurfacing also comes under pool remodeling. When you prefer only pool resurfacing, the inner surface above the concrete shell needed to be changed of your design and choice to give a richness and brand new appearance to your deteriorated swimming pool.

We offer you many types of pool resurfacing for your swimming pool and you can select the option of your choice.

• Plaster marcite or Resurfacing

• Fiberglass Resurfacing

• Pebble Resurfacing

• Quartz and Marble Resurfacing

• Tile Resurfacing

One of the common and less expensive pools resurfacing preference is plaster. This plaster is used for pool resurfacing for more than half a century and the plaster is also called whitecoat or marcite. Only when the plaster is well-coated it is durable else the coating will be damaged earlier. Plaster gives you smooth feel when it is coated properly by professional craftsmen’s but some swimming pool owners consider the plaster gives very simple look to the pool.  Nowadays colored plasters are available in the market which grants an artistic appearance.

The next type of material in pool resurfacing is fiberglass which is flexible and new comer in the market. Advantage of fiberglass is that it is algal free and easy to clean. Surface of this coating is non-porous hence algae cannot penetrate the surface easily. Unlike plaster’s fiberglass do not crack or discolor earlier. One of the popular surfacing for past two decade is pebble resurfacing. Pool resurfacing with pebble is more expensive when compared with plaster surface. In this method, the small pebbles are embedded in the cement giving a rough appearance which is safer to swim. Pebbles do have some refracting property to sparkle during the sun shine.

Marble or glass and quartz are the other expensive materials used for pool resurfacing. Similar to pebble coating they are also embedded in cement. These materials are harder and durable when compared with plaster surface. Quartz surface is made of silica and for the marble surface the marble is crushed and laid on the surface and the coated surface is polished to make it smoother. Costlier of all these types is the tile pool resurfacing. Tile resurfacing comes with an artistic design, various shape and color. This type is durable and put forward your pool to a rich manifestation.

Aqua King Pool Services assure you to offer a best pool resurfacing for your swimming pool and we provide best warranties according to the package and pool resurfacing method you select.

 Call us immediately to resurfacing your swimming pool in an updated form.



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  1. Philip Donnelly 01. Aug, 2013 at 11:52 am #

    I have a marcite coated pool and it needs resurfacing. Its a standard rectangle pool measuring 15′ X 30′. Can you give me a very rough estimate on this project including regrouting the tile on the upper portion. I will also need to have a leak fixed which is by the skimmer. Thank you.

  2. aquaking 03. Aug, 2013 at 10:09 pm #

    Thanks for your inquiry Philip. I will reach out to you via email right away to discuss your project. Thanks for reaching out and looking forward to resurfacing your pool!

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