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Miami Pool Service Are you shopping around for Miami pool services and want to get more bang for your buck?

If your answer is yes—check out Aqua King Pool Services, the go-to place for pool services in Miami Dade and Broward County; also providing services to all of South Florida with offices in Coral Gables as well as Fort Lauderdale.

Aqua King Pool Services understands that a pool is a major investment. Having a pool installed isn’t cheap, but it’s an expense that can pay you back many times over in terms of pleasure and enjoyment; provided it is properly maintained and serviced.

You should find a Miami pool services company to expertly care for and maintain your pool, along with making any repairs that may become necessary. You should also find a company that has pool service costs that fit within your budget.

Maintaining a Pool

If you have only recently acquired a property with a pool or had one installed, you may be wondering what types of Miami pool services you’ll need to keep your pool sparkling clean and well maintained.

Here are some key areas of pool maintenance that should be done on a regular basis:

  • A pool should be serviced weekly, with the temperature of the water and pH monitored by checking the chlorine content.
  • Your pool pump should be run every day, otherwise the water will become stagnant. Different types of pool pumps have different requirements. Some can be run in short bursts of a few minutes at a time every day, while others will be fine if you let them run for a few hours once a day.
  • If you think your pool might not have enough suction, there may be various causes. The cleaner might be clogged with some sort of debris. The pump might have a suction leak or an obstruction to an impeller. It may have a backwash valve that isn’t functioning as it should. Suction problems are something that a reputable Miami pool services company can help you with.
  • A crack in a pool might be a big deal or it might not, depending on the size and location of the crack as well as the type of pool you have. If it’s just a small hairline crack, it may only be a cosmetic issue that doesn’t require repair. Even if it’s a crack that is creating problems in your pool, it can often be fixed with a special type of glue designed for fiberglass pools. A crack in a cement pool, however, is a little more involved and will usually require the services of a professional such as Aqua King Pool Services.

Naturally, since a pool is a sizable investment as well as something that adds value to your property and pleasure to your life; you want to take care of it.

The Best in Miami Pool Services

Aqua King Pool Services is an established business with over a decade of experience. We are fully licensed and insured. We are also committed to affordable pricing and excellent customer service. If you want the best for less in Miami pool services, contact Aqua King Pool Services today and make sure your valuable pool gets the care and maintenance it deserves!

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