2014 Hurricane Pool Guide

When does Hurricane Season officially begin and end?

Hurricane season officially begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th.

Aqua King would like to make sure all of our customers are fully prepared this 2014 Hurricane Season. Since it is Hurricane Preparedness Week this week, May 25 – May 31, it is the perfect time to share some important “Do’s and Don’ts” on preparing your swimming pool this hurricane season.

hurricane pool guide

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Swimming Pool Do’s and Don’ts

Proper preparation is the key to minimize damage during a severe storm.

Before the Storm

  • Do NOT empty your pool or lower the water level. Sufficient water levels provide weight to hold a pool in place when heavy rains raise the local water table. It is not necessary to drain water from your swimming pool.
  • Let the pool overflow. High water levels in your pool will protect your tile and finish from flying debris. Run off will be the same as a street, tennis court, or saturated ground.
  • Do NOT place patio furniture in the pool. If you absolutely cannot store these items inside a building and your pool is concrete (not vinyl), gently place them in the pool. Do NOT throw patio furniture into the pool; doing so may damage the pool finish.
  • Remove and store removable child safety fencing. Remember to install the deck caps.
  • Remove all loose items from the swimming pool area. This includes floats, toys, skimmer deck lid, motor cover, maintenance equipment, patio furniture and barbeques. It should all be safe and secured.
  • Super chlorinate your pool. This will help prevent algae from forming.
  • Turn off all electrical power to the pool and the pool equipment at the circuit breaker. This includes pumps, lighting, and chlorinators, etc.

After the Storm

After a hurricane, people are usually more focused on their house rather than their swimming pool. Aqua King encourages you not to overlook your swimming pool and make sure to follow these important tips:

  • Do NOT drain the pool. Even if your pool is full of debris, high ground water levels after the storm could cause some structural damage – wait until water levels fall back to normal.
  • Replace your safety child fencing. Store the deck caps for future use.
  • Super chlorinate your pool. Remove as much debris as possible.
  • Do NOT turn on pool equipment. Before you turn on your pool equipment look for signs of water intrusion, broken pipes, cracked filter, etc. If you have any doubt call Aqua King before turning on the power.

As an Aqua King customer, after a storm you can be assured that your pool is in good hands and we will be there to get it back in tip-top shape. We will work diligently to get there as quickly as we can. However, with possible downed power lines and trees there could be a delay. Your patience is appreciated during this time.
Once we are there we will evaluate the damage and provide you with an estimate for the clean-up process. Your pool will need extra cleaning, to be shocked and the water chemistry will need to be re-balanced. Aqua King will be on hand and will gladly perform the necessary steps to get your pool back to sparkling blue again

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