5 Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

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Pools must be properly maintained in order for them to remain safe and fun for the family.  A good schedule of maintenance will keep the pumps working well longer and reduce the likelihood of needing large and expensive repairs.  Here are just 5 things everyone should do to help maintain their pool.

1 – Skim debris

Even if your pool is enclosed, there will be times when you will find bugs or debris floating on the water’s surface.  This kind of debris will soon get water-logged and sink and could eventually affect the efficiency of the pool’s circulation system.  For this reason, it’s important to skim away debris whenever you see it.  Schedule a routine of checking and skimming the water surface.  Depending on the environment, this might need to be done a few times a week to keep the water clean.  Also be sure to clean out strainer baskets.

2 – Vacuum debris

Debris that cannot be skimmed from the surface should be vacuumed.  There are many types of pool vacuums, some automatic and some manual.  If you have a manual vacuum, then vacuum the pool much as you would a room in your house: cover the entire area of the pool with overlapping strokes to efficiently remove as much debris as possible.  You may also want to brush the walls of the pool in order to prevent algae or calcium buildup.

3 – Clean the filter

Filters are sometimes more efficient when there is a little bit of dirt in them than when they are brand new, as the dirt helps trap additional material.  However, at a certain point too much debris will begin to affect the filter’s ability to pass water, which makes the system less efficient.  Be sure to clean the filters appropriately so that the circulation system functions well.

4 – Maintain the water level

Pools lose a lot of water due to natural evaporation or just from ordinary use of the pool—splashing, swimming, and exiting the pool all remove small quantities of water that over time and repetitions can lower the level of water in the pool.  If the water level stays below the level of the skimmer, this can cause damage to the pump.  Check the water level often, and be sure to add water as necessary to maintain the appropriate level.

5 – Monitor pH levels

The pH level of water is a measure of its acidity or alkalinity.  Pool pH levels should ideally be between 7.2 and 7.8, and the chemical systems should work to maintain that level.  However, you should monitor the pH level of the pool yourself to check and make sure the equipment is working appropriately.  If the level goes outside the appropriate range, then you can adjust the chemicals to get the pH to the appropriate level.

Overall, pools require good maintenance so that they are healthy and safe for family use.  There are a few things that every homeowner with a pool should do to keep the pool in good working order, but it’s also important to schedule regular professional maintenance as well.  If you have a pool and want to maintain it in efficient working order, be sure to contact the Broward County pool maintenance company Aqua King Pool Services today to discuss the kind of maintenance schedule that is right for your needs.

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