Trends in Pool Design

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Resort and Hotel pools often have very elaborate designs, and these have greatly influenced the design and look of residential pools, which have become more and more elaborate over the years.  As with anything, there are different aspects of pool design that become more and more popular than other things.  Here are a four of the most popular design trends in pools this year.

Knife’s Edge

A knife’s edge describes when the water level in a pool is at the same level as the deck.  The water flows into a slot along its edge to create a mirror effect on the surface.  Better technology has made these kinds of pools more accessible in the backyard, lending a feeling of luxury and elegance to pool design.

Baja Ledge

A Baja ledge is a shallow lounging area within or adjoining the pool.  It’s a perfect place for children to play and splash or for adults to rest comfortably.  Because the water is much shallower on the ledge, usually about a foot deep, people will put lounging chairs or a small table in the water.  People will often install an umbrella on the ledge to offer a bit of shade while they’re lounging.

Moving Water

Fountains and waterfalls are also growing in popularity.  Waterfalls can cascade over rock walls, or even create a secluded grotto behind them.  Bubblers and other fountains can be decorative as well as create a pleasant sound to help people relax by their pool.  There are many different kinds of water falls, from sheer sheets to multi-level cascades, each of which will have a different sound quality and create whatever vibe you prefer.

LED Lighting

LED lights are coming to replace incandescent lights in many pool applications.  LED lights generally use less energy than incandescent, and LED lights come in many different colors.  There are even some that will change color either automatically, or according to whatever you want to set it to that day.  Lights can be installed to create many interesting lighting effects around a pool, especially when mixed with water features like fountains and waterfalls.

With changing technology, many pool features that once could only be found at top-end hotels and resorts are now available in the backyard.  If you already have a pool, there may be remodeling opportunities that you can pursue that will enhance the experience of the pool.  Contact Aqua King Pool Services to discuss the possibilities for remodeling your own pool.  As a Broward County pool remodeling company, they can offer more advice and information.

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