Signs Your Pool May Have a Leak

Little Boy And An Empty Pool

Pools will invariably lose some water due to normal evaporation, but any leak in the pool or the filtering system can eventually lead to more serious damage.  It’s important to check for signs of leaking so that the leak can be repaired as quickly as possible.  Even if you can’t find exactly where the leak is, knowing that there is a leak is an important first step.

There will almost always be signs of any leak in the pool.  The most obvious sign is that the pool will lose more water than it does through normal evaporation.  One way to test whether this is happening is a “bucket test”: fill a bucket with pool water and place it in the pool in such a way that its water level matches the pool’s water level (for example on a step or ledge).  If, after 24 hours, the pool’s water level has gone down farther than the bucket’s water level, then there is a good chance of a leak.

However, there are other signs that water is going somewhere it is not supposed to go.  The pool’s filtering and pumping system should be sealed, so if there is air in the system, that’s a good sign of a broken seal somewhere, where air is getting in and water is getting out.  Likewise, if the equipment loses its prime, that’s a sign of a possible leak.  You might notice cracks in the pool or in the equipment, and in some cases you might even notice the pool deck shifting, either sinking into the ground or even lifting up.  Any movement of the deck indicates disturbance of the ground beneath, which usually means a leak that is saturating the ground with water.  You may even notice soggy areas around the pool, indicating water is entering the ground from somewhere.

Once you’ve determined that you do in fact have a probable leak, you will want to try and identify where exactly the leak is.  If you’re very lucky you might actually see a place where water is coming out, but this is relatively rare based on just a visual inspection.  Try shutting off the equipment and seeing if the pool continues to lose water.  If so, it would suggest a leak in the pressure side of the equipment.  However, if the pool leaks when the equipment is off, but not when it is on, this might indicate a leak somewhere in the suction side of things.  On the other hand, if the pool leaks no matter if the equipment is on or off, it might be the case that there is a leak in the shell.

Ultimately, you may need to rely on a professional to discover where the leak is and to repair it.  This will require particular expertise.  If you have any concerns about leaks or other malfunctions in your pool, or if you want help with pool maintenance or pool service in South Florida, be sure to contact Aqua King Pool Services today.

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