Styles of Pool Coping

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Pool coping is the structure that goes around the edge of the swimming pool.  It’s the barrier between the pool and the deck, keeping pool water in the pool and incidental runoff out of the pool and diverted into deck drains.  Often it helps create a non-skid surface along the edge of the pool to help with safety, as well as a handhold for swimmers in the pool.  Coping generally comes in several varieties.

The cantilever style of pool coping hangs over the edge of the water.  Innovations in pool decks and poured-in-place concrete led to this style, and it became very popular.  This style is also easily adapted with veneers of stone or tile.  Although this style does offer a good handhold for swimmers in the pool, it’s not generally conducive for climbing out.  On the other hand, a bullnose edge is easier to climb out on, and can often be made up with paving stones arranged along the edge of the pool.  The pavers can be made in many different colors and materials.

Many high-end pools use thick natural stone for their coping material.  Natural stone can be left rough and more “natural” looking, or it can be integrated into a smooth edge and blended with flagstones on the deck, or with boulders or rocks that make up a decorative feature of the pool.  As stone can be cut in many shapes, this kind of coping can be done in many styles.

Concrete is the most common material for coping, even when covered with tile or other surface.  It can be poured in place, or it can be pre-cast and put together on site.  Tile and pavers can be of several materials, including brick, stone, and of course concrete.

There are many options for pool coping.  Usually, decisions in style and material will depend on the overall design of the pool and deck and the effect and use of the pool itself.  If you have any questions about your own pool’s coping, especially if you’re looking to redesign or repair it, or even if you’re building new, be sure to contact the Fort Lauderdale pool service professionals at Aqua King Pool Services today.

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