What to Look for in Automatic Pool Cleaners

Keeping your pool clean is a very important maintenance step for keeping all the equipment functioning properly.  But you also want to make sure that the cleaning apparatus you select for your pool is appropriate to your needs. Before you choose an automatic pool cleaner, be sure to assess what your pool cleaning needs are.  […]

Signs Your Pool May Have a Leak

Pools will invariably lose some water due to normal evaporation, but any leak in the pool or the filtering system can eventually lead to more serious damage.  It’s important to check for signs of leaking so that the leak can be repaired as quickly as possible.  Even if you can’t find exactly where the leak […]

Styles of Pool Coping

Pool coping is the structure that goes around the edge of the swimming pool.  It’s the barrier between the pool and the deck, keeping pool water in the pool and incidental runoff out of the pool and diverted into deck drains.  Often it helps create a non-skid surface along the edge of the pool to […]

Important Pool Safety Features

Pools can provide plenty of fun and relaxation for the entire family.  But pools can also be dangerous if appropriate precautions are not taken, especially for children aged 1 to 4.  However, it’s very easy to minimize the risk by installing safety features in and around your pool.  Here is a list of important pool […]

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

Pools must be properly maintained in order for them to remain safe and fun for the family.  A good schedule of maintenance will keep the pumps working well longer and reduce the likelihood of needing large and expensive repairs.  Here are just 5 things everyone should do to help maintain their pool. 1 – Skim […]