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Trends in Pool Design

Resort and Hotel pools often have very elaborate designs, and these have greatly influenced the design and look of residential pools, which have become more and more elaborate over the years.  As with anything, there are different aspects of pool design that become more and more popular than other things.  Here are a four of […]

Pool Remodeling Service

Pool Remodeling Services in Florida Pool Remodeling is a popular home project to add new features to your old swimming pool and giving trendy appearance to your pool. Children usually prefer to have fun in swimming pool which also cools their body temperature; hence swimming pools must be remodeled in an attractive way to make […]

Aqua King Pool Services Commercial

Hi everyone! We just completed out first online commercial for Aqua King Pool Services. Please watch it and let us know what you think. We are here to serve all of your pool and spa needs across all of South Florida (Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, etc).

Pool Remodeling Benefits – Why Should You Take the Time to Remodel Your Pool?

Should You Remodel Your Pool A swimming pool can increase the value of a home significantly. It provides families with plenty of enjoyment. But if maybe your pool isn’t in the shape it could be or maybe it’s even outdated. You may have thought about remodeling but you’re probably trying to find some pool remodeling […]

Choosing the Right Pool Renovation Services for your Pool

If you want to do any type of renovation for your pool, you need to decide whether you want to undertake it all by yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. Pool renovation services fall under several different categories: • Custom tile, brick, or stone pavers • Waterfalls and fountains and other water […]