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Styles of Pool Coping

Pool coping is the structure that goes around the edge of the swimming pool.  It’s the barrier between the pool and the deck, keeping pool water in the pool and incidental runoff out of the pool and diverted into deck drains.  Often it helps create a non-skid surface along the edge of the pool to […]

Trends in Pool Design

Resort and Hotel pools often have very elaborate designs, and these have greatly influenced the design and look of residential pools, which have become more and more elaborate over the years.  As with anything, there are different aspects of pool design that become more and more popular than other things.  Here are a four of […]

Pool Renovation

Pool Renovation in Florida Experience a better swimming by remodeling and renovating your pools. Aqua kings pool has many years of experience in pool renovation and remodeling the old swimming pools. Deciding to renovate the swimming pool is not an easy task and hence we make sure that our clients are satisfied of what they […]