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Signs Your Pool May Have a Leak

Pools will invariably lose some water due to normal evaporation, but any leak in the pool or the filtering system can eventually lead to more serious damage.  It’s important to check for signs of leaking so that the leak can be repaired as quickly as possible.  Even if you can’t find exactly where the leak […]

Styles of Pool Coping

Pool coping is the structure that goes around the edge of the swimming pool.  It’s the barrier between the pool and the deck, keeping pool water in the pool and incidental runoff out of the pool and diverted into deck drains.  Often it helps create a non-skid surface along the edge of the pool to […]

Pool Repair

Swimming Pool Repair Swimming pools are the additional enjoyment in your home where your family and friends can enjoy, relax, have fun and cool yourself in the hot weather. When years pass your enjoyable pool may damage or worn out due to continuous usage hence it mandatory to repair the swimming pool to bring back […]

Aqua King Pool Services Commercial

Hi everyone! We just completed out first online commercial for Aqua King Pool Services. Please watch it and let us know what you think. We are here to serve all of your pool and spa needs across all of South Florida (Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Repair and Maintenance

Homeowners often have questions about pool repair and maintenance. They want to know if they can handle some of the repairs themselves, or if it would be best to hire a professional. If you are thinking about taking care of pool repairs and maintenance, you need to educate yourself on what all it entails. Hopefully, […]