Residential Pool Services

Fort Lauderdale Residential Pool Services

Aqua King’s Residential Pool Service includes full service, chemical service and V.I.P. service.

At Aqua King Pool Service we take water chemistry very serious. All of our residential pool service technicians are certified pool operators (CPO) by the National Pool and Spa Institute. We also follow all of the guidelines and are registered with the Broward and Miami/Dade County Health department. Each of our technicians keeps a weekly chemical log so our supervisors can keep track of your water chemistry. We want your pool water to always be safe for you and your family.

Full Service Pool/Spa Cleaning

Aqua King Residential Pool Service provides once a week cleaning which includes cleaning complete pool cleaning, every visit vacuuming pool/spa, brushing walls, cleaning tile, emptying all baskets and leaf catchers, cleaning all filters, checking equipment function, and testing and adding chemicals to maintain your pool’s water chemical balance.

Chemical Service Pool/Spa

Aqua King Pool Service understands that many swimming pool owners take care of the standard pool cleaning services on their own, but would like to have a pool service professional maintain the proper chemical balance of their pool. This is why we offer our customers the chemical service option. Please call us today and we can tailor a plan that meets all of your needs.

V.I.P. Pool/Spa Cleaning

Aqua King offers V.I.P. Residential Pool Service to clients who request more than the average full service. We cater to your every need. This service is our regular full service, but can be set up to provide your service anywhere from two times per week to everyday. Upon request we also offer full service for special occasions.

Proper water balance is an essential aspect of maintaining a pool in the heat and sunshine of South Florida. We will check your pool water for:

1) Free Chlorine Levels – We will maintain between 2ppm and 3ppm during winter months and 4ppm and 5ppm during summer depending on your pools needs.

2) PH – We will maintain a ph of 7.4 by adding muriatic acid or soda ash to maintian the swimming pool water to the same pH as the human body(7.4) This means no more eye irritation !

3) Total Alkalinity – TA is related to PH, it helps with the pool water clarity, and an improperly balanced TA number can make the PH of the water fluctuate quickly, allowing times of less effective chlorine sanitation. We will keep your alkalinity between 80ppm to 120ppm.

4) Cyanuric Acid – Also known as stabilizer, CYA binds to chlorine allowing for less rapid distribution. If CYA levels become too high, however, the chlorine will become less active. We will keep your stabilizer between 30ppm to 50ppm.

5) Calcium – The test for Calcium Hardness is a measure of how “hard” or “soft” the water is testing. “Hard” water can have high levels of calcium and magnesium. If these levels are too high the water becomes saturated and will throw off excess particles out of solution which then seeks to deposit themselves on almost any surface inside the pool. We will keep your calcium level between 200ppm and 400ppm.

6) Phosphates* – Which are nutrients for algae, and should be maintained at a level below 125ppm in South Florida.
*Additional charges may apply for phosphate removal.

Salt Water System Pools

Aqua King Residential Pool Service technicians are salt water certified, and have attended certifications classes given by Auto Pilot and Aqua Link Salt Chlorinator Systems. We have the knowledge and experience to keep your salt water system running smoothly. We will test and add salt to your pool as necessary.