Help! My pool is green and I’m full of algae. What should I do?

If you are struggling with a green pool or algae issues, don’t worry. You’re not alone! Algae is the most common problem pool owners face. With several thousand species of algae that thrive in warm temperatures here in South Florida it can be tough to get rid of once it sets in. If you’re dealing with a severe case of algae, you can super chlorinate your pool and add an algaecide product to the water. If the pool is blue and has algae issues that means the chlorine is not active in the pool. Algaecide treatments are only need when the chlorine level in pool is super high and the water has algae. Meaning the active chlorine is locked in the pool due to too much stabilizer/conditioner. This mainly happens when homeowners uses a excessive amount of chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets are good for pools at times but they can be bad if used excessively for a long period of time.. They raise the stabilizer/conditioner level in the pools which locks the chlorine and makes the chlorine inactive. They also lower the ph and alkalinity which in turn makes the water acetic and starts to deteriorate the pool surface finish. If your pool is totally green then the algaecide treatment isn’t the best option.

If your pool is totally green or if you’re struggling with an algae and you’re struggling to clear it up, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team of experts can help you get your pool back to its crystal-clear state in no time. There are two options: the slow less expensive remedy to resolve this issue is to go through the treatment process. But keep in mind all of the green dead algae must be filtered through the filtration system which could take a week or a month depending on how often the filter is cleaned after the treatment. If there is a rush, then the best remedy is to drain the pool, clean out all of the algae and debris, acid wash the surface to brighten up the pool surface, re-fill the pool and completely balance the water

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