What is the benefit of having a saltwater pool?

The only benefit in reality of having a saltwater pool is eliminating the use of harsh chlorine weekly. When chlorine is added weekly you have to add a certain amount each week. That will have to hold the pool stabile for an entire week. Salt water systems will maintain the safe chlorine/salinity level constant for the week. By having a salt water water system is like having soft water in your home water system. Most homeowners have the misconception that by having a salt water system that is all that is needed for chemical balancing. But, that isn’t correct. All the system does is eliminate one out of four essential chemicals needed for proper water balancing. These systems will raise the ph in pools constantly and more muriatic acid will need to be added weekly. At least 1/2 gallon a week. Stabilizer/conditioner levels will need to be maintained regularly. This will ensure the water will hold the salt water system salinity levels when produced by the system. By adding more acid to the the pool the alkalinity levels will drop and sodium bicarbonate will need to be added regularly.

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