Important Pool Safety Features

Pools can provide plenty of fun and relaxation for the entire family.  But pools can also be dangerous if appropriate precautions are not taken, especially for children aged 1 to 4.  However, it’s very easy to minimize the risk by installing safety features in and around your pool.  Here is a list of important pool safety features that you might consider for your own pool.


One of the most effective ways to keep children out of danger is to put up a barrier between them and the danger.  Generally, a four or five foot fence around a pool will protect young children in the neighborhood from getting too close to a pool.  In addition, portable mesh fences are available that can be set up around a pool whenever it is not in use as a secondary barrier.  These fences are made to be easy to set up and take down when you want to use the pool, so they’re a great source of protection.  The most important thing is to create some kind of barrier between the child and the pool so that the child cannot get to the pool without an adult being present.


Another way to be sure children do not get too close to a pool is to install some kind of alarm system.  Alarms can be put on doors or pool gates, or they can be installed around the perimeter of the pool or even be worn by the children themselves.  The alarm system will sound a warning whenever the area around the pool is breached, or if the alarm sensor attached to the child is submerged in water.  Among the most effective alarm systems are underwater sensors that trigger whenever anything enters the pool.  These are a great way to have peace of mind that even when children get out of sight there is still a warning system if they get too close to the pool.


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Drain Covers

Within the pool, there is sometimes a danger of entrapment, or being caught by the suction of a drain.  Be sure to install anti-entrapment covers on all drains to minimize this risk.  These covers work by preventing the drain from creating a complete seal against the skin so that swimmers being pulled in can easily get away.

Pool Covers

A safety cover on the pool serves as a final barrier for the pool.  It’s important that the cover be safety rated and not merely a solar or winter pool cover.  Safety covers should be rigid and be able to support a minimum of 485 pounds per five square feet.  When in place, they prevent anyone, especially young children, from falling into the water.


The most important safety feature around a pool is supervision.  Any time children are playing around a pool, they should be under adult supervision.  The adults should stay away from alcohol or other substances that can impair judgment and should be vigilant for danger.  Establishing pool rules, even at a private backyard pool, is important for children’s safety.

Swimming Lessons

The last line of defense if something happens around a pool is the individual’s ability to swim.  Although even strong swimmers can be at risk of drowning, the ability to swim can help in certain situations.  Provide swim lessons for children as soon as they reach a reasonable age.

If you take all the appropriate steps to help reduce the risk of accidents at your own pool, then it should continue to be a source of fun and pleasure.  If you have any questions about your own pool or about pool safety and keeping the pool maintained, please contact the Fort Lauderdale pool service company Aqua King Pool Services today.

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